PE double-sided adhesive tape and the traditional PE tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

polyethylene double-sided adhesive tape originated from foreign countries, the anticorrosion properties of the European standard NE12068 about requirements, double-sided adhesive tape the middle layer is polyethylene film, both sides in the diaphragm coated with butyl rubber anti-corrosion adhesive, is a kind of anticorrosive within the zone, and outer protection zone. Lining rubber thickness is up to the required corrosion the anti acid and alkali and chemical erosion, rubber is conducted by or thin outer protection with rubber adhesive. Also comes with a mold of anti-sticking al film, when using abandoned.


traditional polyethylene tape is single sided with butyl rubber or butyl rubber modified asphalt anticorrosive glue, base material is polyethylene film, rubber thin no mucous membrane, only with a thick rubber isolation membrane. Domestic standard of SY/T0414 is anticorrosive indicators for its regulation, according to the performance of the adhesive tape and USES in the zone, to go.


PE double-sided adhesive tape and the traditional PE tape from the senses, performance and process there is a obvious distinction.

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