PE plastic bags - — You don't know the characteristics of four kinds of packaging method

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-06
PE plastic bags, also known as PE bag, but most people call it plastic bags, plastic bags. It is mainly composed of low density polyethylene, the low density polyethylene and are divided into LLDPE and LDPE these two categories, after procession of technical personnel in accordance with the proportion of professional configuration, melting, co-extrusion, blow molding, PE plastic bags usually has the characteristics of environmental non-toxic, through national testing the actual situation of the manufacturer, also can apply for to upgrade for food grade product, packaging is widely used in all walks of life.

    PE bag packaging is divided into four types: inflatable packaging, stretch packaging, vacuum packaging, DNA packaging. < br /> the four kinds of packaging methods have their different characteristics and functions:

& have spent   Inflatable packaging: inflatable packaging is use the inert gases such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen replacement packaging container in the air of a packaging method, therefore, also known as the replacing packing. This kind of packing method is based on aerobic microbial characteristics of aerobic metabolism, changes in the sealed container the composition of the gas, reduce the concentration of oxygen, inhibit the physiological activities of the microorganism, enzyme activity and the respiration intensity of fresh goods, achieve the goal of mouldproof, antisepsis and keeping fresh.


    Extension packing: the packing is adopted in the seventy s a new packaging technology, it is developed by shrink wrap, stretch packaging relied on mechanical devices at room temperature is elastic thin film around the package drawing, tightly wrapped, and in the end to sealing a packing method. Due to the stretch packaging need not be heated, so the consumption of energy is only about one over twenty of the contraction packaging. Stretch packaging can strapping singletons, also can be used for the collection of pallet packaging such as packaging.

      Vacuum packaging, vacuum packaging is packed the goods into air tightness after container, the container before sealing process of pumping air into vacuum state, make basic without air sealed container after a packing method. General commodities, grain processing meat and some easy oxidation of goods can be using vacuum packaging, vacuum packaging not only can avoid or reduce fat oxidation, and inhibit the growth of certain fungi and bacteria. In carries on the heating sterilization at the same time, because the container internal gas has been ruled out, thus speeding up the heat conduction. Improve the efficiency of the high temperature sterilization, also avoid the heating sterilization, packaging container cracking due to the expansion of gases.


      Deoxidized packing: DNA packaging is following vacuum packing and filling method of a new type of oxygen packaging. PE bag DNA packaging is in sealed container, can use with oxygen deoxidizer in one of the chemical reaction, so as to remove oxygen in the packaging container, in order to achieve the purpose of protection of built-in objects. DNA packaging method is suitable for some particularly sensitive to oxygen, used in those even with a trace amount of oxygen can also lead to bad quality of food packaging.

which involves food packaging, can not use the packing bag of environmental protection level, must use food grade bags! Must be food grade bags! Must be food grade bags! The important things three times!

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