PE sealing bag

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-06

seal bag, PE is polyethylene ( LDPE) And high voltage linear polyethylene ( LLDPE) Through the blown film forming, eagerly mechanism bag, made of a sealing plastic bags can be repeated. PE sealing bag can be applied to various small items of internal and external packaging, its advantages are as follows 1, excellent chemical stability, the vast majority of plastic of acid, alkali and other chemicals have good corrosion resistant ability. Especially the teflon commonly known as king for plastic, chemical stability so that it is better than gold, in the 'aqua regia' boiled over ten hours will not change. Due to the F4 has excellent chemical stability, is the ideal of corrosion resistant material. 2, a poor conductor of heat, noise elimination, shock absorption effect of ordinary, the thermal conductivity of the plastic is relatively low, quite steel 1/75 - 1/225, the microporous foam contains gas, its better heat insulation, sound insulation, shockproof. Such as PVC ( PVC) The coefficient of thermal conductivity is only 1/357 of the steel, aluminum 1/1250. On the heat insulation, single glass window plastic 40% higher than the single glass window frames, 50% higher than double glass. 3, light weight plastic is lighter material, relative density distribution in 0. 90 - 2. Between the two. Obviously, the plastic can float to the surface of the water? Foamed plastics, in particular, because there a microporous, quality of a material is lighter, relative density is only 0. 01. This makes the plastic can be used to reduce the weight of the product consumption. 4, good electrical insulating performance of ordinary PE sealing plastic pockets are poor conductor of electricity, its surface resistance and volume resistance is very large. The breakdown voltage, dielectric loss Angle tangent value is very small. Plastic in the electronic industry and mechanical industry, therefore, has the widespread application.

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