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by:Yourijiu     2020-07-07
Make Your Own Flags Pennant flags can be created using any fabric or design, so you are only limited by your own imagination and the selection at your favorite fabric store. If you plan to create your own pennant flags, select three to five seasonal fabrics that match your holiday decor - for example, a Christmas theme might include red, white, and green. A Hanukah theme could use blue and white fabrics. Thanksgiving could feature autumn colors. Create your own pattern by cutting a triangle out of cardboard. Most pennant flag patterns focus on pennants that are 8 inches wide, by 9 to 11 inches long, but you can choose a different scale for your own project. Using your pattern, trace multiple flags on each piece of fabric, aligning them point-up and point-down, to save fabric and cutting time. Trim with pinking shears for a cute finished edge, or fold the edges under and finish with a top stitch for a more polished look. Your pennant flags can be enhanced with lettering, too. Use a stencil and fabric paint, or a permanent marker, or cut letters out of black cloth or felt, and then spell out holiday words or phrases. Stringing your flags together can be done in several ways. To create a crisp, bold line against your walls, you can cut out a length of bias tape or wide ribbon, and fold it in half lengthwise, tucking the end of each pennant into the fold and securing it with straight pins before sewing the entire length of the bias tape or ribbon close to the edge. If you would prefer not to sew, you could use hem tape inside the ribbon and iron it in place. Another option is to hem the pennants with a pocket at the top, rather like a curtain, and then thread ribbon through the end of each one. Your ribbon or bias tape should be at least one to two feet longer than all of your pennants laid side-by-side, so that you have enough extra on each side to tie the pennant flags to furnishings or hooks. Variations to Try If you like the look of your holiday pennant flags, consider trying them on other occasions, too:
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