Performance of polyethylene adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-07-30

Polyethylene adhesive tape, mainly refers to the buried steel pipeline used for petroleum, urban construction, water supply and drainage and gas transportation, etc., the adhesive layer uses butyl type heat shrinkable sol, and the whole people's plastic Take everyone to find out:

1. Polyethylene adhesive tape is a multi-layer anti-corrosion system composed of an inner anti-corrosion inner belt and an outer anti-mechanical collision protection outer belt, and has high mechanical strength.

2. It has good water resistance and oxidation resistance, and the butyl rubber contained in the adhesive layer of the adhesive tape has strong air tightness, and the overlap can be automatically bridged.

3. When the adhesive tape is wound on the steel pipe, it will have an immediate effect. Therefore, the pipe can be hoisted immediately after the tape is wound and covered, and the lower trench backfilled.

4. During the winding construction, the thickness of the adhesive tape can be accurately controlled according to the anti-corrosion requirements, uniform and stable, so material waste can be avoided.

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