[Personal office supplies] Nearly half of the students have consumed over a thousand.

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-13
New school bags, new stationery, and teaching supplementary books have sparked a boom in the school economy. For the education of their children, parents born in the 1970s have invested heavily, which has made stationery stores and bookstores a lot of money. A website randomly surveyed 50 families in Guangzhou and found that more than half of the students spent more than 1,000 yuan on personal office supplies at the beginning of school. It’s funny that stationery is expensive and still selling well... New schoolbags, new stationery, and teaching supplementary books start school economic boom. For children’s education, parents born in the 1970s have invested heavily, which makes stationery shops and bookstores profitable. It has to be full. A website randomly surveyed 50 families in Guangzhou and found that more than half of the students spent more than 1,000 yuan on personal office supplies at the beginning of school. Funny stationery is expensive and still selling well. The reporter saw in many stationery wholesale markets that Disney, Pleasant and other cartoon and animation brand stationery products are most popular among primary and middle school students. Ballpoint pens that can punch people, deformable pens, and pencil cases with thermometers, personal office supplies, bizarre-shaped stationery with entertainment functions are also popular, so that children can't put it down, and parents helplessly pay for it. In a stationery store, a father brought his son to buy a pen. The son of personalized office supplies found a particularly fun pen with a small screen on the top of the pen. Press the red button and the pattern on the screen will rotate. The little guy guessed what pattern would appear while playing. He couldn't put it down, so he begged his father to buy one. One sells for 15 yuan. My father finds it impractical, and he is worried that it will affect his studies. The father and son stood in a stalemate for nearly 10 minutes. In the end, his father paid for it. A six or seven-year-old boy pestered his mother to buy a boxing pen. He said that many of his classmates have such pens. The so-called boxing pen is a soft object in the shape of a small fist with a spring installed on the top of the pen. As long as you tap the button, the fist of the personalized office supplies will pop out to hit people, in order to achieve a scary effect. But my mother felt that this kind of pen was suspected of promoting violence, and she refused to buy it for her son. The owner of a veteran stationery shop in Yiyuan said that although the cartoon-shaped stationery with toy functions is not low, a ballpoint pen with a cartoon doll-shaped top is priced at 12 yuan, and a car-shaped stationery box sells for 80 yuan, but students love it. purchase. Personalized office supplies are relatively easy for parents to compromise with their children when it comes to the cost of stationery.  The bookstore next to the school sells teaching aids.  Every year before and after the school starts, there is a book-buying boom known in the industry as the school, which lasts from two weeks before school starts to one week after school starts. Book shopping centers and other book hypermarkets said that in the past week, sales of teaching aid books and school supplies have increased by at least 20%. The small bookstore near the school also took up a good location and sales rose sharply.   A mother of Zhongxing Elementary School has just finished pre-school education. The teacher recommended several reference books: 'Primary Mathematical CalculationShe went to the book shopping center and other big bookstores for a long time but couldn't buy it, so she posted an online request for help. Finally, under the guidance of another parent, the book was bought in the nursing center opposite the school. A mother who lives in Tongfuzhong, Binjiang West, posted a message saying that reference books recommended by teachers are usually available in small bookstores and kiosks near the school because the school and bookstores will jointly earn rebates.   The reporter saw in the Jinyang Bookstore next to an elementary school in Yuexiu District that a large number of personalized office supplies led their children to buy teaching aids in the store, and the storefront of more than 20 square meters was packed. Parents said that the bookstores near the school are full of time and place, and they will be more familiar with what teaching materials the school uses, and it is more convenient and time-saving to buy them nearby. Parents basically buy a complete set of supplementary materials, which costs about 50 yuan. The shopkeeper said happily that he had purchased a batch of mathematics materials in advance, and they were already sold at odds and ends. Nearly half of school students consume over a thousand reporters a few days ago a survey of 15 primary school students were parents and 20 students in the first two days of the show, 55 percent of students in school consume more than a thousand dollars, and students in more than 2,000 yuan more than 1/10. Xuan'er's mother in Yuexiu District bought a school bag, two lunch boxes, a bag for the lunch box, a water bottle, a pencil, an eraser, a ruler, a pencil case, white cloth shoes, and two plastic mesh bags for her first-grader daughter. Oil pastels, repeaters, first-grade Chinese tapes, and English tapes cost more than 500 yuan in total. Ms. Zhou Ping from Haizhu District spends more for third-grade children: 550 yuan for repeaters, 76 yuan for teaching aids, 58 yuan for stationery, 137 yuan for school bags, 22 yuan for books, 65 yuan for water bottles, 84 yuan for sportswear, 30 yuan for IC cards. Yuan, a total of 1022 Yuan. She said that if you add the tuition and miscellaneous fees that need to be paid after the school starts, the amount of personalized office supplies is far more than that.   Compared with elementary school students who emphasize appearance patterns and practical functions, fashion and personality have become the main shopping standards for middle school students. In the reporter's survey of 20 junior high school students, one question is what brand and style do you want your schoolbag to be? Nearly 30% of students responded to well-known brands such as Li Ning, Nike and Adidas, and nearly 40% of students put forward requirements for aesthetics, complete functions, and outstanding personality.
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