Pipeline anticorrosion heat shrinkable belt

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

pipeline anticorrosion heat shrinkable belt series products are buried and aerial steel pipe joint of anticorrosion and thermal insulation pipe insulation joint is designed. It is by the radiation crosslinked polyethylene base material and the special hot melt adhesive sealing compound and into, special hot melt adhesive sealing and polyolefin base material, steel tube surface and solid epoxy coating can form good bonding. 周- WSS pipeline anticorrosion heat-shrinkable with heating installation, base material at the same time of radial shrinkage, internal compound rubber melt, tightly covered in the mouth, together with the base material outside the pipeline anti-corrosion formed a solid body, excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and good uv radiation and light aging performance.



- High mechanical strength, anti-aging ability.

- Good performance of resistance to environmental stress.

- Adhesive performance.

- Easy to use.

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