Pipeline anticorrosive coating overhaul, polyolefin glass cloth adhesive tape to replace petroleum asphalt

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

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the northeast oil pipeline in our country mostly built in the 1970 s, the pipe using asphalt anticorrosive coating glass cloth. After 30 years of use, the performance of anticorrosive coating has declined dramatically. For this, with polyolefins adhesive tapes for anti-corrosion materials, gradually on the pipeline anticorrosion overhaul, to ensure the safety of the northeast oil pipeline operation. Tracking test results show that polyolefins adhesive tapes exist fold after pipeline anticorrosive coating overhaul, insulation performance is significantly lower. Therefore, it is necessary for its applicability in pipe coating overhaul are discussed.

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the problems existing in the petroleum asphalt glass cloth: northeast oil pipeline for hot oil pipeline, adopts heat transfer method, operating temperature is higher than 33 ℃. Anticorrosion overhaul use, ditch the practices due to thermal and stress conditions, not for continuous large-scale excavation; Operation space is narrow, mostly using artificial remove and solvent ( Diesel) Cleaning to remove old coating, electric wire brush or grinder, surface with half mechanization of winding machine construction.

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polyolefin choose type adhesive tape: northeast oil pipeline anticorrosive coating overhaul adhesive tape is mainly used in polyolefin has two types: one is based on polyethylene and butyl rubber as main raw materials, compounded by molten calender thermal polyethylene adhesive tape; The other is a kind of high strength polypropylene fabric as base material, coating thickness of the high viscosity of rubber modified asphalt polypropylene fiber anticorrosive tape. In the process of pipeline coating overhaul, these two kinds of polyolefins adhesive tapes had advantages of simple construction, short time between backfill, pollution-free, safe, etc.

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