Pipeline external corrosion polyolefins adhesive tapes for construction

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03


1, pipes, surface treatment, according to GB/T 8923. 1 St3 level or Sa21 / level 2, anchor pattern depth & gt; 50 microns, and ensure the pipeline surface clean without sundry, no rust, no dust.

2, overlapping area coating surface treatment according to determine the construction process, APS) Carry on.

3, materials used, besmear first polyolefins adhesive tapes primers ( Again, no leakage coating) On polyolefin tape winding method. And the tube body coating lap 100 mm or more; Exploring both ends in the original axial cladding coating twice; Adhesive tape to wrong layer winding, lap to parallel, strict controls of buckling, repairing cock on both ends of the anticorrosive coating.

4, it is prohibited to rain, snow, fog humidity > 85% cases, and the larger environment outdoor construction sand.

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