Point of polypropylene adhesive tape transportation

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03
When to use polypropylene adhesive tape to avoid problems, in addition to attention to the quality of the purchase of adhesive tape, there is a more important point is in the process of transportation, and buy tape users are in different places, and at the time of purchase is also need to transport to different places, because in the transport may occur when some uncertain factors, so we are in the transport in addition to choose the right means of transportation, you also need to pay attention to the following points: < br />
1, before the transportation of polypropylene adhesive tapes, should pay attention to when loading, cannot fall, be sure to take put down gently, if fall off, easy to damage the cold wind tape coating, affect the construction. < br />
2, in the process of transportation, to prevent exposure, prevent the rain. < br />
3, polypropylene adhesive tape transport to the construction site, don't use immediately, especially under the condition of tape by violence frozen, deposit must first two days, then can the construction. < br />
4, not to put heavy articles in the above, to prevent the tape crush deformation. < br />
when by polypropylene adhesive tape must be strict attention to the above requirements, time to ensure adhesive tape in the transportation when there is no problem, of course, in addition to the above points, but also pay more attention to look at the weather conditions, if met the bad weather at the time of transportation must remember to slow down, when installed in the car related protection tools, and then on the emergencies can quickly and solve, actually when transportation is has a lot to our attention, this needs us in daily life by themselves to find. < br />

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