Polyethylene adhesive problem with bubbles

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03


polyethylene tape bubble problems may be encountered in the belt construction the most, is the most common problems. But I need to tell the customer: if you find yourself in the construction process of foaming problems, please don't panic, this is just a very normal phenomenon. This is a phenomenon of heat bilges cold shrink nature. Polyethylene tape blister problems will not affect the final coating quality, also won't affect the normal acceptance of the project. Because in industry construction specifications, foaming phenomenon is allowed. Heat bilges cold shrink is the basic thought of nature, I don't believe in anticorrosion tape can go against nature. But I heard that industry by the sun, there are some products in the bubble is very slight. Product bubble is slightly due to the company's product process. The company's product process for solvent coating method. The characteristics of the process is, anticorrosive tape rubber thickness is thin. After exposure, the size of the heat bilges cold shrink is not very big. But the disadvantage is that this product because rubber cover is thin, the peel strength of product is not high, may affect the anti-corrosion effect.

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