Polyethylene adhesive tape is not compatible with epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion paint

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

first of all, we first introduce tape form a complete set of special primer - — Butyl rubber anti-corrosive primer. The composition of the primer are: butyl rubber, the saponification resin, tackifier, stabilizer and solvent. Through parts of the product, we can see: butyl rubber, tackifier is rubber components, main bonding effect. Instead of saponification resin is resin composition, main antiseptic effect. On anti-corrosion primer, if the expression to be more intuitive, that is: the anti-corrosion primer is a predominantly cohesive action anti-corrosion primer. Its role is to increase the pipe surface with the cohesive force between tape and sealing.


and epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion primer, it mainly for epoxy resin and coal tar. The role of both are anti-corrosion. In the process of construction, epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion primer with fiber glass cloth or polypropylene non-woven fabrics. Is everybody often called three oil two cloth, four oil cloth, five oil three cloth, etc. In the process of construction, except under the cold wind belt besmear to brush paint, as well as in the cold wind belt surface besmear brushs paint. Through anti-corrosion primer curing, the cold wind belt and anti-corrosion primer coating in combination with the pipe surface.


through the comparison of the above two kinds of anticorrosion primer, we is not hard to find the role of the difference between both. So, they are can not substitute each other. In our suggestion, the customer using butyl rubber anti-corrosive primer with polyethylene adhesive tape. And appeared before construction is easy to solve the problem.

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