Polyethylene tape belt

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

1, abstract:

polyethylene pipe anticorrosion special zone is also called level strengthen PE tape, modified asphalt tape, PE tape, adhesive tape, PE anticorrosive cold wind belt, due to his mouth, anticorrosion and protection is also called polyethylene with an organic whole.


2, composition:

matrix for polyethylene substrate + type butyl rubber modified asphalt, the isolation membrane

& have spent

three, promotion and application:

is mainly used in oil and gas transmission; Chemical industry, urban construction of water supply and drainage and gas transmission, etc. The outer surface of the buried steel pipeline corrosion. Because of this kind of tape sub is thick, with a polyethylene anticorrosive one than polyethylene composite tape more resistant to pipe shell caused by heat bilges cold shrink phenomenon, more and more widely used at present.

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