Polyethylene tape birth process

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

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polyethylene tape was born to have decades of history, so far has cured paint film is tough and strong impact resistance, high peel strength, good antiseptic effect, etc.

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polyethylene tape haven't epoxy content standards and testing methods, the artificial lower coating ingredient, low-quality engineering without detection method for improper profits! In today's rapid development of science, to affect the service life of the pipeline coating composition content is no scientific test method of products, large area of application is not scientific, so should increase the construction materials of polyethylene tape! Combined with the construction of artificial influence; To accelerate the operation speed, two layers of glass cloth winding, the first layer does not stay dry coating 2 times, and then a piece of dry. Did not speak funnelled first, single multilayer dry together, left by solvent volatilization and became a major hidden danger! With layers and layered curing curing and it is difficult to identify, especially processing good luck to the scene of the coating is unable to test! Epoxy coal asphalt in 25 degrees environment table each coat dry to 4 hours, work to 16 hours, low temperature should be longer. So how much the temperature above 25 degrees throughout the year? Strict rules of operation with long curing the drying time, unable to large-scale mechanization coating, in today's time is inversely proportional to the profit, which can strictly according to the construction standard operation construction team? So compared to compare to, or polyethylene tape works best! < br / >
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