Polyethylene tape coating primer

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03
Although polyethylene tape their performance is good, can very good play very good preservation effect, but in the construction of the time requires besmear to brush paint, to ensure the effect of the adhesive tape can reach the ideal state, and primer for adhesive tape later use has played a very important role, so in besmear is need to pay attention to the corresponding method, the adhesive tape should how to besmear to brush paint? Let's take a look at. < br / >
1, in order to ensure that polyethylene tape late anti-corrosion effect, to use primers, and need the primer first stir well, and join the diluent dilution, serving in the iron container. < br / >
2, to clean up the burr on the surface of the steel pipe before besmear brushs paint, oil and rust, and keep the steel tube surface drying. Pay attention to the weather does not recommend brushing sand blown, because may be contaminated. < br / >
3, polyethylene tape primer coating should be no leakage, no bubbles and block, coagulation membrane should be uniform, weld, need careful besmear to brush. < br / >
4, primer coating tools if clean brush, stone roller, coating process to stay away from fire, prevent splash, coating process is no more than 6 hours at the same time. < br / >
5, need the container into the system, the remaining primer and airtight, prevent volatilization waste. At the same time, polyethylene tape primer coating can't for the night, and adhesive tape winding time can't more than 4 hours, otherwise you need to brush. < br / >
above all is the method of polyethylene tape coating primer and matters needing attention, and we all know primer for adhesive tape later anticorrosive effect is self-evident, so we in the construction must be taken seriously, don't careless, thus ensuring adhesive tape can be a good combination of steel tube, exerting the corresponding bond and anticorrosion.
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