Polyethylene tape coating quality standard and inspection method

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03
Now on the market about the kinds of anticorrosion materials is more and more, but the application field of different products is different, such as polyethylene tape is relying on its own performance was deeply loved by everyone, but often when people are being used in the coating were certain inspection, to ensure the quality of the product conforms to the standard, then we in the tape coating quality standard including what aspects and inspection method? Let's look at.
< br / > 1。 Apparent: < br / >
polyethylene tape apparent quality determines the quality of winding, thus requires the surface should be smooth, uniform lap, without buckling, no bumps, are not allowed to have a rupture point. If the tangle play tool operation seriously, this problem can be avoided. But sometimes have bubbles in the process of winding, this situation occurs when the weather is hot, sunny when wrapping tape. Since the tape itself has certain elasticity and repair ability, the bubbles can disappear by oneself, to this kind of bubble is not a quality problem; If produce lasting bubbles, like buckling, repair should be removed.
< br / > 2。 Thickness: < br / >
thickness index on coating quality has very big effect, especially the rubber thickness increase can enhance the anti-corrosion ability. When the tape to determine, the structure is determined, its thickness is determined, therefore, the determination of the thickness of the tape in advance the total thickness can be determined. But in order to prevent the use of different batches of tape thickness, the analyst can use the thickness gauge after the determination of the construction of pipelines. Can determine the electric spark leak detection voltage.
< br / > 3。 Bond ( Peel strength) : < br / >
polyethylene tape adhesive power refers to the rapping anticorrosive coating on steel pipe, it is directly related to the quality of the coating, so make sure have enough rapping. Field test to imitate DIN30670 standard, use knife to slit along the ring with 10 mm wide, and then with spring balance and wall into 90 ° Angle slowly pulled open, open speed should not be greater than 10 mm/min, cohesive force should be greater than 8. 0 n/cm, this test should be wrapped anticorrosive tape after 2 h, anticorrosion pipeline should be test 3 per kilometer. Each project, each batch of tape measure three sets of data.
< br / > 4。 Electric spark leak detection: < br / >
in the main control factors polyethylene tape in the process of construction, the need for pipeline across the check. The same leakage voltage and petroleum pitch leakage formula. Leak detector movement speed less than 0. 3 m/s, the place should be marked on all discharge, then tape repair. To test results shall be recorded, including shape, nature and position, the repairing process, etc. , as a pipe completion data. < br / >
above all is polyethylene tape coating quality standard and inspection method, we use before, can through the above standard tape for a series of inspection, to ensure that the quality problem of the tape, and then make the tape for use in time will not happen, make corresponding use effect, of course, when to use must know about its usage requirements and the corresponding, thus ensure the anticorrosion work smoothly. / /

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