Polyethylene tape construction level

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

polyethylene tape construction level

& have spent

coating grade aggregate thickness ( mm) Coating structure

& have spent

general grade 0 or higher. 70 + inside a layer with a layer of primer + a layer to go

& have spent

enhance grade 1 or higher. Belt (within 40 + a layer of a layer of primer Lap for adhesive tape width 50 ~ 55%)


+ a layer to go ( Lap for adhesive tape width 50 ~ 55%)


is mainly used in oil and gas transmission; Chemical industry, urban construction of water supply and drainage and gas transportation and so on the outer surface of the buried steel pipeline corrosion protection, construction is convenient, no pollution, etc. Polyethylene anticorrosive tape from 60 s start on oil and gas steel pipeline is widely used as external anti-corrosion material has been more than 40 years of history, because of its excellent anti-corrosion performance and convenient construction performance, make it occupies a certain position in the pipeline anticorrosion material system. And because the polyethylene anticorrosive tape production enterprises to carry out continuous improvement and improve the quality of polyethylene tape varieties and, to make polyethylene anticorrosive tape application domain expands unceasingly.

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