Polyethylene tape construction technology & # 8211; Patching piece

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

1, polyethylene tape after find out defects, should be done on a mark, and repair in time.


2, to repair should be finishing injury, removing loose burrs, cleaned, coated with primer.


3, for a small range of pinhole defects, using the same as the original tube body coating adhesive tape are patched by the method of supplement. Repair, cut a piece of 100 x 100 mm tape, cut out the rounded patch, after being primer is dry, stick to the wound.


4, for larger leakage or damage on the coating so that pipeline exposed area, and will destroy the anticorrosive layer removed, put the edge trim smooth, using the appropriate width of tape spiral winding damage area.


5, to take the edge width can not meet the requirements, you should use at least 100 mm width of the spiral wound tape adhesive tape along the edge direction.


should be more than 6, patching and primer to the defect area of each direction at least 50 mm, and use the wooden tools closely compacted tape to make it smooth cock.

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