Polyethylene tape important detection index

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03
It is well known that corrosion protection system is composed of a primer for polyethylene tape, a layer of inner anti-corrosion, outside a layer of protection zone. Polyethylene base material is composed of polyethylene, antioxidant and uv absorber, fungicide. So polyethylene tape when making production, what is the measurements? < br />
grasp every performance of polyethylene tape, the application can achieve good antiseptic effect. How to know the performance of polyethylene tape? For the performance of specific tests, polyethylene tape main test indicators are: the thickness of the base film, rubber thickness, basal membrane tensile strength, peel strength of the primer, back material of peel strength, volume resistivity, volume resistivity, heat aging test, water absorption, water vapor permeability, etc. < br />
here mentioned that several important test index. Polyethylene tape thermal aging test is refers to the sample in 100? Under the condition of aging in box, 2400 h after thermal aging, measured the rate of change of the membrane tensile strength. Tensile strength, peel strength can choose tension meter or peel strength test machine. Polyethylene tape thickness and leak detection can use thickness gauge and an electric spark leak detector. Bibulous rate is an important performance index of the polyethylene anticorrosive tape. The smaller the bibulous rate, according to SY/T0414 - 2007 standard: bibulous rate is 0 or less. 2%. Indicate the quality of the product, the better. Polyethylene tape water absorption tests need to balance, oven, drier etc instruments. Will first specimen in 50 ℃ + 2 ℃ oven or 24 h preprocessing normal temperature drying in the dryer; Weighing the quality of the specimen after pretreatment m1, accurate to 0. 1毫克; Will polyethylene specimen vertical immersion in distilled water at 25 ℃ + 2 ℃, the surface of the specimen should not have bubbles, specimen or specimens and vessel wall between should not contact; Soak out specimen after 24 h, with filter paper blot moisture on the surface of the specimen, weighing specimen quality m2 immediately, accurate to 0. 1毫克; After weighing the specimen in 50 ℃ + 2 ℃ oven or room temperature for 24 h in the dryer and dry, then remove the weighing the quality of dried m3, precisely to 0. 1mg。 According to the experimental formula to calculate the results, test results to arithmetic average, according to results of the calculation of each set of specimens to numerical revised into two significant figures, it is concluded that polyethylene anticorrosive tape bibulous rate, bibulous rate is the indicator in the material testing is critical, if the water absorption test result is unqualified, so that the quality of the product must be rejected. < br />
we also know the role of PE to go, is effective to prevent external factors such as mechanical damage, and damage to coating, made of high tensile strength, long-term load resistance is strong, wear-resisting performance is good, prevent moisture through good performance of high density polyethylene ( HDPE) Resin, but will increase with the increasing density of HDPE resin, the crystallinity increased, while the elongation at break, environmental stress cracking resistance drop, the main reason is that after molding molecular crystal morphology changes of tissue defects and the formation of the internal stress caused by, considering raw materials using density of 0. 94-0. 95 resin.
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