Polyethylene tape machine winding experiments

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

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the test tube respectively in three with manual winding polyethylene tape coating engineering test similar working environment: quentin ridge inside the tunnel, the outdoor ( Simulated conditions of bridge tube) , buried ( Ningbo large industrial water pipeline) 。 In about 2 months at a time for testing cycle, the mechanical winding polyethylene anticorrosive tape coating surface quality and peel strength and electric spark leak detection, tracking, monitoring result list as follows:

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1, the mechanical winding of the polyethylene tape coating, although the improper protection, construction and transportation have pierced a small amount of sand surface and welding slag, to a certain extent affect the characteristics of the coating, but in the whole test engineering, anticorrosive coating still shows the stable, up to 40 n/CM of peel strength, far beyond SY/T0414 - Polyethylene anticorrosive tape 98 'steel pipeline anticorrosion coating technology standard' 18 n/CM, polyethylene tape test results show that the combination of pipeline coating strength is reliable, the mechanical winding of anticorrosive coating performance is more superior.

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2, mechanical winding polyethylene tape pipeline anticorrosive coating engineering monitoring showed that coating surface, no mechanical damage during the entire test, under 8 kv voltage always maintain good insulation performance, not dozen spark, reflects its consistent resistance; And coating the surface of sand, slag burst point, deeply by early appear a few sparks, late to spark has a tendency to expand to prove: elaborate the importance of the protection coating surface intact, any tiny surface damage, the breakthrough could lead to coating, extension, so that the loss of corrosion protection.

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