Polyethylene tape of matters needing attention in use

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03
Handled in pipeline corrosion protection when there will be a lot of different adhesive tape for the user to choose from, and polyethylene tape is one of them, are often used in pipeline corrosion and pipeline repairing patching, and during storage or construction when there is no clear degumming, but it is a good performance, also need to be in correct operation present situation, so in the construction in addition to be carried out in accordance with the correct steps, but also pay more attention to the following contents: < br />
1, polyethylene tape in the process of transportation to prevent exposure, prevent the rain, crush, lest destroy adhesive layer, affect pipeline anticorrosion effect. < br />
2, adhesive tape before use to ensure that the anticorrosion pipeline surface drying, stains, rust, burr, if unqualified to surface pretreatment, otherwise easy to degumming. < br />
3, after besmear brushs the paint to timely polyethylene tape winding, weather, if primer for the night or have sand blown can cause primer on the surface dust, impact between the tape and primer, stick relay didn't stick good place easy to take, thus affecting coating quality. < br />
4, adhesive tape must tighten when winding, because as long as it is the expansion of the polyethylene it itself has a certain tensile coefficient after high temperature exposure appear bubbles and the drum phenomenon will occur. < br />
5, polyethylene tape winding electric spark testing is required, after to patching of the location of the unqualified, repairing, if the area is larger, it is necessary to remove the original tape, to deal with steel pipe surface, primer wrapping tape again, until it is testing qualified, can the trench backfill. < br />
in general to polyethylene adhesive tape in use is not a problem, when to use in addition to be carried out in accordance with the correct steps, but also pay more attention to the above items, to ensure that tape will not happen in any operating problems and affect the the use effect of adhesive tape, when to buy, of course, be sure to buy good quality adhesive tape, not to penny cheap to buy inferior adhesive tape, will affect the normal use and increase the cost of buying tape. < br />

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