Polyethylene tape product advantages

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

polyethylene tape products advantages

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1, uniform thickness of rubber, adhesive sealing performance is good.


2, base material and rubber bonding force is big, in the store or degumming phenomenon does not exist in the process of construction.


3, good heat aging, anti-ultraviolet radiation ability.


4, high tensile strength, elongation at break, is advantageous for the mechanized and manual winding.


5, varieties, complete specifications, color, including corrosion belt ( (in) , protection zone ( To go) , joint belt, anti-corrosion primer and construction machinery, etc. < br />
polyethylene tape method of use:

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( 1) Rust removal, in addition to weld, burr, oil, dirt and dry. Manual should be achieved St3 level and derusting, mechanical descaling should comply with the SYJ 4 0 0, 7 - 8 the Sa2 level 6.

( 2) Primer ( Manual or mechanical)

( 3) Primer table when can tie belt, wrapped belt should conform to the requirements of the coating level and structure.

( 4) Electricity spark ditch under inspection qualified can fill in.


anticorrosive belt transport storage:

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( 1) Adhesive tape in the process of transportation prevent insolate, rain, prevent bad deformation pressure.

( 2) In the transport or storage under 5 ℃ critical frozen, to be around 20 ℃ for 48 hours, before the construction.

( 3) 5 ~ 30 ℃ in Yin 凉, temperature in the warehouse, the period of 12 months, and away from heat and open flame.

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