Polyethylene tape quality requirements

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03
We all know that polyethylene tape has been employed in many fields, and itself has the property of cold bound tape, corrosion is relatively high, and was deeply loved by users and recognition, but we all know that any product quality is good and bad, the adhesive tape is no exception, of course, if the quality of the product will not only have no effect, they may also affect the normal use of late, and what are the quality requirements for the product? < br / >
1, polyethylene tape coating, the surface should be smooth, and lap is homogeneous, no air bubbles. < br / >
2, still need to see the adhesive tape peel strength, anticorrosive coating can be open 10 mm wide, length is more than 100 mm hole, take a look at how tape peel strength. < br / >
3, polyethylene tape to do electrical petard detection, detection speed is not more than 0 per second. 3 m to not dozen spark as qualified. < br / >
in fact what kind of product, if even guarantee the quality of the basic, in the use of in the future will appear problem, so we in the choose and buy when polyethylene tape must refer to the relevant quality standards to choose better products to use, and to be carried out in time to meet the requirements of the construction standards, so as to ensure the follow-up work of adhesive tape can be safe and stable operation. < br / >

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