Polyethylene tape technology superiority

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

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the anticorrosive tape, presented in this paper is a special kind of protection of pipe polyethylene tape, its base material is polyvinyl membrane, successfully improved by special technology and configure rubber, add a layer of the isolation membrane and become a new kind of polyolefins adhesive tapes.

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and traditional polyethylene tape in comparison, the advantage of its first mainly reflected on the anticorrosive formulation of advanced technology. This technology is mainly to anticorrosive rubber cover thickening, so that you can make tape has better elasticity and viscosity. So that the smaller the gap between the pipe and duct tape, viscosity and the sealing performance is more strong. This kind of adhesive tape in the pipeline of the application of polyethylene anticorrosive tape is the most advanced technology in polyolefins adhesive tapes, enough to replace complex multi-layer polyethylene anticorrosion adhesive tape and polypropylene fiber tape, good updated polyolefins adhesive tapes of the traditional technology. Its another advantage is that the PE anti-corrosion properties of adhesive tape is not only a good, mature production technology, can adapt to different degree of pipe expansion and contraction, and its construction and material cost is low, has been widely used in urban construction.

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