Polyethylene tape the current market price

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

price is every manufacturer's confidential, also classified industry. Today I can openly talk about polyethylene tape market price quotation, for your reference. Because, at present the polyethylene tape industry market is very messy. Mainly in quality, price, service three aspects. Industry chaos will not only affect the customer's interests, but also will damage the normal manufacturer, and the interests of the whole industry. To expose the ugly, promote justice and build a harmonious industry market, reasonably.


polyethylene tape the current market price from 12 yuan/kg to 20 yuan/kg, the price gap is very large. And what is the cause of this phenomenon?


1。 Products of raw materials. PE anticorrosive tape is the execution of the standard of SY/T0414 - 2007. Standard: polyethylene materials for PE film, adhesive tape back rubber material for butyl rubber. The so-called polyethylene tape some ultra-low prices, their material is PVC, not PE. Rubber as hydrosol, instead of butyl rubber. There are some inferior polyethylene anticorrosive tape, use is bad quality of raw materials, reducing the production cost. But profit space more.


2。 The delivery is short in weight. Some bad manufacturers through low prices to attract customers, and then through the short in weight in an effort to achieve the goal of benefit maximization.


3。 The service is poor. One of the most common scam is: the customer paid the money of the goods and the freight. However, when customer receiving, were told that the freight has not been paid, should be paid back.


about the problem above, advise clients when selecting suppliers, should choose those who set up a time for a long time, a big supplier with good credit. Although the price may be a little too high, but excluding risk loss, in fact, we still earn. The pursuit of low prices is the pursuit of every buyers. However, a price points, a cargo of truth is never change.

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