Polyethylene tape to protect the outdoor pipeline

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03


the polyolefin, presented in this paper tape is a specially designed for outdoor pipeline polyethylene adhesive tape. First of all, we first to know about the characteristics of the outdoor pipe need to protect what outdoor pipes.


we all know the outdoor pipeline is refers to has been exposed in the natural, facing the test of air, sunshine and rain. The pipes need tape than underground pipes of polyolefin adhesive tape task more difficult. Commonly used anti-corrosion tape has a lot of, have PE adhesive tape, PE anticorrosion adhesive tape, polypropylene fiber tape, it is not only to achieve the effect of corrosion, uv protection.


today we to get to know the anticorrosion adhesive tape is the aluminum foil uv adhesive tape. It is for outdoor pipes specially developed, through a cold construction since the binding of ultraviolet polyolefins adhesive tapes, using aluminum foil reflection ultraviolet effect and unique characteristics of itself in the air since the passivation, make the tape has the unique function of uv and prevent aging, in addition, it also have the effect of a kind of anti-corrosion isolation, won't produce delaminating phenomenon. Good because of its unique features, this kind of polyethylene anticorrosion adhesive tape already is widely used in the long term in the exposed in the air pipeline corrosion in oil, gas, chemical industry. Good protection of outdoor pipeline from weathered and ultraviolet 'test'.

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