Polyimide tape ( The auric goldfinger tape)

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
Polyimide film and silica gel. The tape with fire resistant properties, high in the short term can be intermittently under high temperature of 600 ° F, can be used for insulation and heat insulation applications. Than with insulating tape, the tape was uncovered after use, will not leave a residue, make it very suitable for temporary fixed components encapsulation, or powder coating applications.

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polyimide tape used to package the wire and cable, so as to protect the electronic components during welding. It in the manual welding batch of wave soldering and welding are very effective in the application. In the electronics industry, polyimide tape applied to the circuit boards before wave soldering, which would fingers are not affected by the influence of welding material, and to prevent unwanted electrical connection. The tape is easy to cut through the blades, can be used as a temporary dust cover device port.

polyimide adhesive tape is a special adhesive tape varieties appearance is very conspicuous, goldfinger tape has another name is polyimide tape, using imported silicone adhesive, so excellent high and low temperature resistance, can be in 60 ~ + 280 ℃ temperature range. One-side coated high performance silicone pressure sensitive adhesive, single fluorine plastic mold material or compound two kinds of composite materials.

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polyimide adhesive tape is mainly based on polyimide film base material, USES the import silicone pressure sensitive adhesive, glue is silica gel, color is amber, category for electronic product with high temperature tape. Polyimide TAPE commonly known as goldfinger TAPE, KAPTON TAPE, international trade name KAPTON TAPE.

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polyimide tape feature:

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1, the high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, solvent resistance, electrical insulation, H) , such as radiation protection performance.

2, polyimide tape, high insulation level, high and low temperature, acid and alkali resistance, solvent resistance, radiation protection.

polyimide tape main use:

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1, suitable for mobile phone battery, coil insulation, and covered in electronic circuit boards wave soldering and other high temperature shield, etc.

2 on polyimide film substrate, the adhesive tape, single-sided coating of high performance organic silicon pressure sensitive adhesive, in electronic electrician, circuit board manufacturing industry with high temperature resistance, high tensile strength, good chemical resistance, no residue, comply with RoHS environmental protection without halogen, etc.

3, applicable to electronic circuit boards wave soldering tin shelter, protection money fingers and high-grade electrical insulation, motor insulation, as well as the lithium battery positive and negative and ears fixed.

4, used in high-grade electrical insulation, ear fixed and lithium batteries are negative effect, and is suitable for circuit board, PCB) When a wave soldering, to protection money finger parts, easy to tear in addition to, not easily broken, leaving no remnants after tearing.

product features: polyimide tape because the function of the product nature characteristic, the product is mainly used in high-grade electronic insulation materials and in all sorts of auxiliary fixed using high temperature environment, such as flexible circuit board manufacturing, electronic components, high temperature and laminating; On the other hand, especially suitable for soft circuit board SMT reflow soldering with system with fixed.  

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features: high temperature tape polyimide high-temperature insulation tape is used in electronic circuit boards wave soldering tin shelter, protection money fingers, high-grade electrical insulation, motor insulation, lithium battery is fixed and high temperature electroplating, painting, spraying and other high temperature shield to protect electronic components, etc. Second features: high temperature resistant tape polyimide high-temperature insulation tape used to prevent welding protection, transformer coil heat insulation strapping; Capacitor insulation materials, PCB goldfinger high-temperature spraying cover protection, cell phone lithium battery manufacturing banding.

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