Polyolefins adhesive tape degumming of reason and solution

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

in the actual production of the polyolefin adhesive tapes, construction process, can appear sometimes degumming phenomenon. This is a product quality problems. Products appear degumming phenomenon, cannot be used for pipe coating construction. Or eventually anticorrosive layer of peel strength, impermeability will appear problem, which affects the anti-corrosion effect. So how can we improve polyolefin adhesive tape degumming phenomenon?


polyolefins adhesive tape degumming phenomenon existing in the two forces. It is the adhesion strength of the sub for attached base material; Second, adhesive tape in the process of winding, rubber on the back of cohesive force. Degumming phenomenon is the simplest reason is that: the rubber on the adhesion strength of the base material is less than the back of the cohesive force, resulting in rubber from base material. If we want to overcome the degumming phenomenon, the simplest method is: to let the tape on the adhesion strength of the base material, cohesive force is greater than it on the back.


methods: increase the base material, surface roughness, increasing the back surface smooth effect. By changing the base roll of film equipment, producing base material surface is rough, back surface more smooth and diaphragm.


by the experimental results show that: improve basal membrane process after the tape, the solution volume more easily, not easy to appear degumming phenomenon. This is to improve polyolefin adhesive tape degumming phenomenon is one of the methods. We are looking for overcoming the degumming phenomenon at the same time, should also strive to improve polyolefin adhesive tape peel strength performance.

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