Polyolefins adhesive tape in the pipeline corrosion protection plays an important role in repairing overhaul

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

g wheel gas pipeline as the main source of west-east gas pipeline, the gas station connection carat field investigations to set. Total length of 160 km, 1 016 mm diameter Φ, material for X70, gas in more than 120 m3, pipeline crossing salt ditch along the tunnel.

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the original design of pipe outer surface using room temperature anti-corrosion type PE three-layer institutions to strengthen level; Girth weld repairing with belt epoxy primer three layer radiation crosslinked polyethylene heat shrinkable sleeve ( Belt) , cold bending tube using anticorrosion tube bending directly. Cover mouth heat shrinkable belt ( Set) Anticorrosive layer USES the on-site installation, in sealing, waterproof, insulation and so on easy to appear quality problem, and polyethylene for highly electrical insulating materials, has shielding effect to the cathodic protection current, often leads to weld defect in pipe body metal corrosion, the serious will cause oil leakage.

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therefore, tarim oilfield to salt water tunnel pipeline anticorrosion repairing peel strength test, found a total of 81 girth weld heat shrinkable sleeve is unqualified, Steel body or with PE heat shrinkable sleeve peel strength is less than 50 n/cm) 。 Therefore decided to tunnel more than 170 girth weld thermal contraction with anti-corrosion layer stripping and anticorrosive processing again. 1 external anti-corrosion repairing technology choice on a variety of technologies of for field repair big mouth, decided to choose CZH high-tech new viscoelastic wrapping tape products, external use BL - 10 type polypropylene fiber anticorrosion adhesive tape.

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