Polyolefins adhesive tape winding method

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03


1, polyolefins adhesive tape of the method of adopting cold winding construction.

2, polyolefins adhesive tape solution volume at a comfortable temperature in more than 5 ℃.

3, the adhesive tape winding, such as weld on both sides of the gap, can use primer and adhesive tape compatibility good packing filler on both sides of weld.

4, using the appropriate machinery and hand tools, pipe on good paint primer according to the requirements of lap winding polyolefin adhesive tape, adhesive tape beginning and end of the lap length should be not less than a quarter pipe circumference, and not less than 100 mm. Belt and to go in a juncture place should be staggered. Wrapping tape edge should be parallel, may not be buckling distortion, should take the pressure, so that they don't become warped up.

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