Polyolefins adhesive tapes briefly

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03


polyolefins adhesive tape is polyethylene tape and polypropylene tape. The plastic for 20 years of experience in production technology, manufacturing, sales of domestic early manufacturers. < br / >
polyolefins adhesive tape series products, according to the standard of SY/T0414 technology, polyethylene with thin rubber type adhesive ( Not from type membrane) And thick rubber type ( With mold film) Two, base material is compounded by the high and low density polyethylene rolling rough hair membrane ( ) , high-performance butyl rubber adhesive respectively with polyisobutylene rubber and butyl rubber modified asphalt; Polypropylene adhesive tape, there is a polypropylene mesh reinforced fiber geotextile for base material, with butyl rubber and polyisobutylene rubber modified asphalt. All made by domestic heat solvent-free composite technology. < br / >
polyolefin anticorrosive tape series products, mainly used in oil, natural gas, chemical industry, electric power, shipbuilding, urban construction, etc in the outer wall of steel pipe, pipe anti-corrosion protection. With adhesive tape when do anticorrosive primers used to form an acid and alkali resistance, erosion resistance, good corrosion resistance system. When doing protection for the flexible anti-corrosion materials, such as the lining of the viscoelastic body, oily petrolatum, provide better sealing and strong anti stress damage protection.

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