Polypropylene adhesive tape adhesion

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

polypropylene adhesive tape is a kind of protective objects of anti-corrosion products, in our life also often see some pipes used, we in the operation of the product when some users of its adhesion is not very understanding, so today to answer user questions, we can together today to see how the adhesion of the product, hope to help in this aspect somewhat confusing users. < br />
1, the use of polypropylene adhesive tape at the same time affected by external factors, if usually don't use the product, optional location, its use effect will be weakened and the adhesion force will be reduced, so the adhesion and it also has something to do, we will focus on the overall effect is better, if the affected by external factors of uncertainty, the adhesion of much weaker, so if you want to keep the adhesion of the product, we need to ensure product integrity, when using. < br />
2 good adhesion, polypropylene adhesive tape, for metal, concrete, wood, glass and so on all have good adhesion, excellent electrical insulation properties, alkali resistant, oil and water, and at the same time it can be a long time on the tube, don't fall off for a long time, to extend the time of its anti-corrosion, adhesion performance of the main and the selection of its materials, as well as the production process. < br />
so, when we were in the use of polypropylene tape should pay attention to the use of temperature, pay attention to the product to ensure its stable adhesion, for items we also want to work with, of course, in order to reduce the risk of the product problems, small make up recommend after using the product at the same time to find a dry place to store, so to prevent corrosion performance declined.

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