Polypropylene adhesive tape become warped edge in the construction process

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03
We all know that in the pipeline corrosion, polypropylene adhesive tape with the advantages of itself in many different fields have been widely used, and in the construction is very convenient, and very good to help users solve the pipeline corrosion situation, although the adhesive tape in use is very simple, but also could not prevent problems in the process of use, such as when the construction to become warped edge, stable affect the performance of the play, it brings a lot of users worries, that while we were in using the product why become warped edge?
< br /> ( 1) Cause polypropylene pipe wrap paper tape become warped edge, for the convenience of tube end parts of the polypropylene layer grind, wrap paper adopted in isolation layer between the epoxy powder and steel pipe, if the segregation paper reserve more than width, can form the isolation become warped edge.
< br /> ( 2) Powder gel become warped edge. Powder gel time is shorter, steel pipe transmission speed matching with powder gel time, steel pipe transmission speed too slow, in the middle of may appear powder has cured adhesive coating, too fast is not gel powder, these can create layered between adhesive and epoxy powder layer.
< br /> ( 3) Middle binder owe lap become warped edge, such defects seen only in winding process, when the steel tube is too big or squeeze film transmission speed too slow, intermediate binder with narrow stretch, lead to owe lap winding, polypropylene adhesive tape and epoxy powder layer directly lap, affect the bonding strength. Such seemingly polypropylene extrusion with apparent defects become warped edge, is actually the middle binder forming quality defects.
< br /> ( 4) Powder curing caused become warped edge. Steel tube surface temperature is exorbitant, epoxy powder curing reaction quickly, before intermediate adhesive coating, epoxy functional groups excessive consumption, loss and adhesive bonds, and may be mild coking, reduce the adhesive and epoxy layer in the middle of the chemical bonds, easy to cause the formation of anticorrosive coating become warped edge at this time. < br />
in general are being used in polypropylene adhesive tapes come when you least expect them to become warped edge, because of above reasons, whether it's actually a few reasons, is can be seen that become warped edge or because in the construction of the main reasons for not pay attention to the problem and the pipe itself, this needs us in the construction by the time pay more attention to the above problems, and thus appeared the phenomenon of become warped edge, of course, when to use must do the work, so that the tape to better play its use effect. < br />

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