Polypropylene adhesive tape type corresponding price is different also

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

polypropylene tape RD - originated from abroad 6 anticorrosion adhesive tape, in 2002, shandong universal plastic company in China take the lead in the development and production, and take the national five ministries 'national key new product' certificate, issued by the promotion in China.

polypropylene adhesive tape base material is enhanced by have anti-uv function of reticulate polypropylene fiber flat wire, through the flat ZhiSuo mechanism. Adhesive is made of synthetic rubber in the high air tightness of butyl rubber and asphalt mix after melting. A full set of more stringent process, reliable quality, various performance indicators compared with SY/T0414 - 2007 standard requirement.

product model is different square meter price range, polypropylene adhesive with type 760 ( The thickness of 1. 00 ~ 1. 20mm) And the type 780 ( The thickness of 1. 40 ~ 1. 65mm) 。 The price of every square metre is in 760 the 19th. 00 yuan, 780, 23. 00 yuan, including primers P27, ex-factory price including 13% VAT.

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