Polypropylene anti-corrosive tape adhesion stress test

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03
Many people see polypropylene anti-corrosive tape must be very warm, very good to help you solve the problem of pipeline corrosion, but not to say that the anticorrosion tape can well solve the problem of pipeline corrosion problem will not appear, for example, recently a lot of people find themselves to buy back the anticorrosion adhesive tape of the bond is not very good, after using a period of time will fall off naturally, not only cause the waste of anti-corrosion will delay the normal work, how should we choose in self inspection anticorrosive tape bond? Let's look at the inspection anticorrosive tape adhesion stress method. < br / >
1, the action of polypropylene anti-corrosion tape, tear tear area of about 50 ㎝ place should not iron, primer and topcoat universal binding. < br / >
2, after curing coating, only tear and damage not iron, primer and topcoat universal binding. < br / >
3, bond unqualified polypropylene anti-corrosive tape does not allow touch-up process, should remove all anticorrosive coating according to the regulations of design to construction. < br / >
4, anticorrosive pipe every 20 to 1 group, each group of spot check 1 root < br / >
(1) less than 20 root also spot check 1, each random sample 1 point, if operator is qualified. < br / >
2. If not qualified, another two root of random spot check, if there is still, all the group as unqualified. < br / >
in general, we can be in when buying through the above approach to self inspection polypropylene anti-corrosion tape adhesive power, because the anticorrosion tape has the very good adhesive power to the future whether prior to or after winding winding can have appropriate corrosion, so everyone can self inspection and thus would not buy inferior products, thus affect the normal use of late. < br / >
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