Polypropylene anti-corrosive tape indentation hardness test

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03
Now we often see in pipeline anticorrosion material has many products, such as polypropylene anti-corrosion adhesive tape, on the issue of pipeline corrosion played a very good preservation effect, but in the use of time in order to guarantee the quality of the product, to an indentation hardness test, if at the time of testing hardness is not pass represents the quality of the product has the certain problem, of course, on the contrary if hardness is qualified can safely put into use, so let's take a look at the product together how indentation hardness test. < br />
1, indentation machine: head for the bottom diameter of 1. 8 mm or sectional area 2. 5 was the metal bar, loaded down the total stress is 10 mpa, the dial indicator reading accuracy is 0. 01mm。 < br />
2, thermostatic device: temperature control accuracy in the plus or minus 2 degrees Celsius. < br />
3, test methods: puts polypropylene anti-corrosive tape specimen measured temperature after 1 hour, will head the slow and careful to land on the specimen, set the dial indicator to zero position for 5 seconds. Then additional load on the pressure head, after 24 hours reads a dial indicator indicated value of the time value is the indentation depth of the specimens. < br />
4, test results: with three polypropylene anti-corrosive tape average indentation depth of specimen, the indentation hardness of the samples, the unit is mm. < br />
above all is anticorrosive tape indentation hardness testing methods and steps, for use in the future we can through the above methods of polypropylene anticorrosive tape indentation hardness testing, in fact, we can learn from the content of the above, when choose anti-corrosion tape, to emphasize the indentation hardness of watch products, and the indentation hardness of the product and the product quality is good or bad has a connection, so for the choice of it we can't be careless, but slightly not qualified or not standards can affect anti-corrosion products, so we must especially pay attention to when choose. < br />

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