Polypropylene durability of adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03


polyethylene polypropylene adhesive tape and anti-corrosion, presented in this paper tape in common: they use is the same, and harmfulness are small and dirty. And polypropylene adhesive tape and PE anticorrosive tape difference is it belongs to a new development of more environmentally friendly polyolefins adhesive tapes. The polyethylene anticorrosive tape has a history of more than forty years.

this new type of polypropylene tape represent the national and international polyolefin adhesive tape again on a new stage, it represents the highest level of polyolefin adhesive tape products. Has been widely used in chemical, petroleum, natural gas and the urban construction of drainage pipelines, plenum, transmission of kerosene, etc. On the basis of the polyethylene anticorrosive tape and make a big step, it also became sepa first recommended products. It easy in construction process, but also has ultraviolet radiation resistant, aging resistant, high viscosity and tensile resistance and other important features. Polypropylene tape using butyl rubber modified asphalt to as anticorrosive rubber, is unique in pp woven fiber cloth. This tape of the indicators are far beyond a series of standards, and prevent aging test has reached more than 50 years. So, polypropylene adhesive tape as best choice of cold pipeline anticorrosion construction adhesive tape well-deserved, and corrosion is the most economic and durable.

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