Polypropylene tape alternated the cause of the uneven

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03
Using polypropylene tape is more and more in recent years, however, about the kinds of adhesive tape on the market is more and more, this has resulted in the quality and price of adhesive tape is uneven, even if the same tape and models on the price also is different, but many users will often reflect a problem that is when the choose and buy tape of bao hou, buy this product will have a certain influence on its use effect and cause the waste products, what are the cause of uneven tape bao hou? Let's take a look at. < br / >
1, squeeze film die die clearance adjustment accuracy is not high, polypropylene adhesive tape too thick or too thin. < br / >
2, raw material performance falls below can also cause the thickness of the membrane. < br / >
3, extrusion equipment of certain heating period of heating tube ( Board) Damage, measuring instrument accuracy is not high, resulting in polypropylene tape uneven heating. < br / >
4, not die clearance shall be carried out in accordance with the proportion of adjustment, because out of the whole picture of membrane under the same clearance, membrane on both sides of thin and thick in the middle. < br / >
5, polypropylene tape design the low precision and installation accuracy, process of steel pipe, steel pipe shaking is too large, causing tension membrane. < br / >
6, squeeze film thickness, the velocity and the thickness of steel pipe transmission speed mismatch cause effect of uneven. < br / >
the above is the cause of polypropylene tape bao hou not divide evenly, from the above reasons lead to tape its thickness is the main reason for the cause of the uneven in time do not pay attention to in production, so they need to be done in adhesive tape production and processing of time must be in accordance with the normal method and standard to carry on the processing operation, so as to reduce the rate of the tape in its thickness unevenness, make tape for use in time will not affect the use of normal and viscosity. < br / >

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