Polypropylene tape funnelled reason

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03
Although the performance of polypropylene adhesive tape and its advantage is that we see, and it's good to help us solve the problem of pipeline corrosion protection, but often there is always some problems in use, in turn, affect the use effect of adhesive tape, such as when the construction to funnelled, and funnelled appear serious word will affect the normal use, so in order to prevent the happening of the problem, let's find out the reason for the products appear funnelled all have? < br / >
1, pipe joints, anti-corrosion insulation covering the fixed piece has been damaged and loss, resulting in funnelled polypropylene adhesive tape. < br / >
2, pipeline directly placed in the groove of sharp rocks, probably because in the process of the backfill did not pay attention to the groove, lead to rock bursting anticorrosive coating. < br / >
3, the anticorrosion glue solder joint with pipe from, prompted a funnelled polypropylene adhesive tape. < br / >
4, pipeline anticorrosion layer above, may be in the process of the backfill in backfill inadvertent, lead to backfill stone, scratch, bruise on pipeline anticorrosion layer, thus appeared funnelled. < br / >
above all is the reason why polypropylene tape appeared funnelled, actually more than funnelled reason, also we will often appear in the construction of problem, this needs us pay more attention in use, so that the adhesive tape in use will not happen problem, which make the products better play its anti-corrosion effect, funnelled reason, of course, and there is a certain correlation on the construction site, so do protective measures in the construction, avoid to cause some failure.
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