Polypropylene tape how best to use on the pole

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03


。 When using polypropylene adhesive tape must be rigorous carefully follow the construction technology, the first thing to preprocessing work in steel, surface treatment is early, then besmear brushs primers, winding polypropylene tape again. Steel pipe surface processing, rust removal, in addition to welding slag, burr, oil, dirt and keep it clean and dry.
< br / > b。 Must adopt primers, brushing paint can be uniform coating roller or other mechanical method, the use of reasonable control primer, ensure no leakage.
< br / > c。 Winding polypropylene adhesive tape for primer after dry table, the force around the process must be uniform rise, tie up paste, overlapping consensus, tie up after good adhesive tape, in order to overcome before buried foaming phenomenon, anti-corrosion pipeline of sun protection measures must be 24 hours.

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