Polypropylene tape temperature control

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03
As adhesive tape industry's rapid development in recent years, the types of adhesive tape on the market is also more and more, and the polypropylene adhesive tape is one of them, but the tape with its advantages has become the indispensable tool in the pipeline corrosion protection work, but in the use of time is not so smooth, such as the need to use in some building materials in harsh environments for a long time, so if you want to tape for use in time will not affect the use effect of the overall because temperature problem, we need according to the following when using temperature to control, thus to prevent the occurrence of temperature during use. < br />
1, polypropylene tape winding is buried in the ground, after equipment in 5 - 20 ℃ when the quality of the performance index of determines the anticorrosive effect of high and low. < br />
2, when doing the peel strength test, according to the standard temperature at 20 ℃, winding test after 24 hours. < br />
3, and underground temperature consistent ambient temperature detection, detection data is accurate. < br />
4, testing the temperature here refers to the temperature of the steel tube instead of climate temperature, often at high temperature of polypropylene tape rubber is soft, viscosity is highly affected by the temperature. < br />
5, the temperature at which the solution volume must be above 5 ℃, the appropriate anticorrosive coating construction in - More than 5 ℃. < br />
6, can be in low - temperature Construction at the time of 30 ℃, but to ensure that the solution temperature. < br />
7, steel easy absorption of heat, the temperature is higher than the environment temperature ten several degrees are often more than test temperature. < br />
8, when the cold weather, when the environmental temperature under 10 ℃ or start winding polypropylene adhesive tape is hard, in order to ensure good bond strength, the removal of water vapor on the surface of the steel tube at the same time, appropriate USES burner tube heated surface. < br />
9, test temperature should be around 20 degrees, the temperature is too high in butyl rubber to soften and viscosity reduction. < br />
10, when necessary to bake each anticorrosive tape volume header. < br />
although polypropylene tape performance is very good, but in the use of the time must be in strict accordance with the requirements of the corresponding, because of the effects of temperature on adhesive tape is not small, so in the later use process need to pay more attention to, when to use needs to use the climate and the environment around, which makes the corresponding measures, tape only at the proper temperature will make the corresponding use effect, so we before to entangle, need to use under appropriate temperature. < br />

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