Precautions for tape in the air, sealing tape production factory

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
All kinds of tape paper products are widely used in all aspects of life and industry. During this period, you should master the corresponding skills and methods, and the sealing tape production factory will summarize them one by one for you. Air has little effect on the glue, but the dust in the air will stain the surface of the glue, thereby reducing the performance of the tape. Therefore, the shorter the exposure time of the glue to the air, the better. We recommend applying tape immediately after removing the release paper. As the temperature increases, the glue and foam will soften, the bond strength will decrease, but the adhesion will be better. When the temperature is lowered, the tape will harden, the bond strength will increase but the adhesion will become worse. The tape performance will return to its original value as the temperature returns to normal. In short, the application of tape in the industry should choose the best method according to the actual situation. The sealing tape manufacturer hopes that the above introduction can help more consumers understand.
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