Precautions for tape storage, BOPP sealing tape production

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
BOPP sealing tape production Today I will introduce some issues that you should pay attention to about tape storage. I hope you can read it carefully, thank you very much. 1. The tape should be placed in rolls, not folded, and should be turned over quarterly when the storage time is too long. 2. The type and specification of the tape should be reasonably selected according to the use needs and specific conditions. 3. Cleanliness is the basic condition for the good operation of the tape. Foreign substances will affect the eccentricity, tension difference and even breakage of the tape. 4. When the tape is found to be damaged at an early stage during use, the cause should be found and repaired in time to avoid adverse consequences. 5. The tape should be stored in the warehouse to avoid sunlight and rain; it is forbidden to contact with acid-base oil and organic solvents, keep it clean and dry, and 1m away from the discovery device, and the room temperature is between -15 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.
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