Precautions for transportation and storage of polypropylene adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-02
You may not be so familiar with polypropylene adhesive tape, but as the name suggests, it is also a kind of anti-corrosion tape, and the product is a new type of environmentally friendly anti-corrosion material that does not pollute the environment and does not harm the environment, not to mention a new type of anti-corrosion material. However, it has been widely used and recognized by its own advantages. However, if the performance of the product is not damaged, in addition to the correct use, we must pay more attention to the transportation and storage of the product. Let us understand the product together. What matters need attention in transportation and storage.

   (1), the polypropylene adhesive tape is protected from exposure to sunlight, rain, and crushed and deformed during transportation.

   (2). When subjected to violent freezing below 5°C during transportation or storage, it must be stored at about 20°C for 48 hours before construction.

   (3). It should be stored in a cool warehouse with a temperature of 5-30°C and a temperature of <75°C. The storage period of polypropylene adhesive tape is 12 months. Keep away from heat and open flames when storing.

   In summary, it is the precautions for the transportation and storage of polypropylene adhesive tape. Although the performance of the product is very good, if the product is transported and stored improperly, it will affect the performance and use effect of the product. Pay more attention to the above matters during transportation and storage, so as to ensure that the product will not be damaged due to improper transportation and storage, which affects the use effect of the product and its own performance. Of course, it must be used when using it. Follow the correct operation steps to use, and then make the product play its own use effect.

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