Preliminary work of polyethylene adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-02
As the name suggests, polyethylene adhesive tape is a kind of pipeline anti-corrosion material, because with the increasing attention to the problem of pipeline anti-corrosion, there are more and more anti-corrosion materials on the market for everyone to choose. This tape is just one of them, but no matter it is Which kind of anti-corrosion material, if you want the product to exert the corresponding use effect and its own performance, you need to follow the correct operation steps. Of course, in order to avoid problems during the construction process, we need to make some preparations before proceeding. , So as to ensure that the entire construction process can be carried out smoothly, what preparations do you need to do before using tape?

   1. The construction site of the polyethylene adhesive tape is leveled, water source, power bow|to the place of use, and the construction requirements are met after testing. When the wind and sand are heavy, it is not advisable to apply primer and winding tape without reliable protection measures.

  2. The construction raw materials are adequately prepared according to the material plan, and the anti-corrosion materials used must have a certificate. Construction machinery, equipment, tools, etc. enter the site according to the requirements of the construction organization design, and their performance, quantity, and quality meet the construction needs.

  3. Appropriate weather should be selected for open-air anti-corrosion construction operations, and construction should be stopped in case of strong wind or rain. When the air humidity is greater than 80% or in rainy days, it is forbidden to apply primer and wrap polyethylene adhesive tape.

  4. The time interval between the surface pretreatment of the steel pipe and before the primer is applied should be controlled within 4 hours, and the surface of the steel pipe should be kept dry and dust-free. If it exceeds 4 hours or overnight, repaint the primer before winding the tape.

   5. After the primer surface is dry, the adhesive tape can be wound. Special attention should be paid to long surface drying time when the temperature is low or during trench construction, to ensure that the lower part of the steel pipe is surface dry.

   The above is the preliminary work before the construction of the polyethylene adhesive tape. We all know that the product can exert the corresponding anti-corrosion effect as long as the product is operated in the correct way, but when the operation is performed, it is often because the preliminary work is not Doing it well affects the entire construction steps, so we need to do the corresponding work before proceeding to ensure that the entire anti-corrosion work can be carried out smoothly and the corresponding anti-corrosion effect can also be exerted.
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