Printing tape have what advantage?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

Tape is after a long time, until the world widely used, of course, the specifications of the tape is now ten million, under which the production follow our packing tape specifications together look at the lettering tape have what advantage?
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Can also be custom-made different types and styles of adhesive tape. Made by means of special printing tape, the overall high temperature resistant, chemical attack, such as uv rays and moistureproof ability is stronger.  

  Printing tape is usually used in all kinds of carton packaging, bundling, etc. , more conducive to the company's propaganda, can have certain advertising effect. Types of the traditional printing tape color transparent, cream-colored, yellow, red, green and other categories, and according to the different needs of customers.

Printing tape has good tensile strength, and good adhesion, non-toxic environmentally friendly printing tape is a kind of low cost tape tape type, compared with standard tape products, printing tape adhesion sex to be more strong.

packing tape manufacturer generally according to the base color of packaging materials, special color printing tape custom, make beautiful degree of packaging items are not affected. Can be printed on all kinds of enterprise publicity information, so the application of the market area is widely than ordinary adhesive tape.

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