Product structure and transportation and storage of polyethylene adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-07-31

Product structure:

Polyethylene adhesive tape is a coil-shaped anti-corrosion protection material used for oil and natural gas transmission, chemical industry, water supply and drainage and gas transportation in urban construction and other buried steel pipelines. Polyethylene adhesive tape is made of a film made of polyethylene resin through extrusion and calendering as the base material, and a solvent-free butyl rubber adhesive with good sealing properties, which is made through a thermal compounding process. According to SY/T0414-2017, it is called polyolefin adhesive tape. According to the thickness of the adhesive and the base material, it is composed of thick plastic polyethylene adhesive tape and thin plastic polyethylene adhesive tape. The thick glue type adhesive is greater than or equal to 70%, and the thin glue type is only about 30%. The thick rubber type has a release film, while the thin rubber type does not.

Transportation and storage:

a. Anti-exposure, anti-rain, anti-freeze and heat preservation, prevent crushing deformation

b. When it is subjected to violent freezing below -5°C during transportation or storage, it must be stored at about 20°C for 48 hours before it can be used.

c. It should be stored in a cool warehouse with a temperature of 5-30°C and a relative humidity of <75%, away from heat sources and open flames.

d. The warranty period is 12 months.

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