Pull down the dangers of polypropylene anti-corrosive tape isolation membrane

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03
Many users in the use of polypropylene anticorrosion tape to work, will always find the products covered by a layer of isolation film, in fact this layer separation membrane is play a very useful, many users in the use of the result because too in the way to choose the tear down, and began to do no harm, but time is long all sorts of problems will ensue, in order to better understand the use of isolation membrane, today we will learn about the isolation membrane together pull down what are the dangers of all. < br / >
1, don't shed before the construction of polypropylene anti-corrosion adhesive tape on the isolated film or paper, at the edge of the pipe on winding. < br / >
2, once a week after the vertical coil pipe continuous spiral wound, also be vertical coil pipe at the end of the week. < br / >
3, using a wide temperature range in - 30℃- The cold temperatures of 130 ℃ environment construction, the operation is simple and convenient. < br / >
4, quality stable and reliable anticorrosive tape is divided into polypropylene tape and anti-corrosion paste, paste used for plugging tape used for winding corrosion, can also be used with paste and adhesive tape at the same time. < br / >
5, the expansion speed too slow, the establishment of the internal stress caused by expansion drive within the material also slowly, and accordingly established, stress may be lax, the orientation is reduced, so that the heat retraction speed slow. Therefore the high-speed expansion of general should as far as possible. < br / >
6, expansion speed is slow, material surface because of cooling too quickly and hair hard make expansion load increase, which causes the difficulty in expansion. < br / >
7, heat shrinkage and thermal contraction of the finished product is good expansion, so the expansion speed determines the efficiency of the production and the quality of the products. < br / >
8, when the polypropylene anti-corrosion tape expand faster production efficiency is improved, but the material mechanical defects increase surface easy to fold. < br / >
9, anticorrosive tape site construction quality easy to control, less affected by the environment, personnel, technology level. < br / >
10, may choose to use the PVC/PE/PP belt, heat shrinkable belt, fiber composite external belt. < br / >
11, anticorrosive tape note: facility contains water, must smoke exhaust facilities of water, ensure that will not affect the construction of anticorrosive tape. < br / >
from the above we can see if the content of the when to use polypropylene anti-corrosion tape will tear down after isolation membrane of harm is not small, actually will isolation membrane attached to the anticorrosion tape is to enhance product performance again and again, and keep the surface clean without loose floating rust, dirt, water and other impurities, so we don't easily when in use will be torn down, so will only lead to the performance of the adhesive tape can't play it out. < br / >
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