Purchasing camouflage for your paintball gear

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-08
For this reason, you should use camouflage vests and outfits instead of any other color pattern. If the paintball equipment is camouflaged but the clothes you are wearing are standing out, the camouflage will be pretty much useless, which is why it is highly recommended that you should keep all of your accessories, like shoes and belts, camouflaged or at least in neutral colors, like dark brown, which will blend very nicely into the surroundings. As far as the gun is concerned, it is advisable that you should take it to a pro shop to have it professionally painted. These shops can paint your marker into any type of camouflage pattern that you need, depending upon the environment in which you will be playing. If you do not have enough money to have it painted, you could use camouflage tape to cover it. As far as the edges of the edges of your mask are concerned, you should cover them by using camouflage tape. Make sure that you keep the tape on the colored plastic and avoid covering up any part of the mask's clear portions. If you own a mask that has ventilation holes in the sides, you must poke a few holes through the sides in order to keep the inside of the mask from fogging up your glasses and overheating. Your next step would be to drape the end of the paintball gun in leaves and twigs from the surrounding environment. Even though the gun will be painted or taped, the natural cover will make it even less obvious to the enemy. You should know that duct tape does not always work as you might expect. It is recommended to pick out a dull camouflage, rather than a shiny one, which most of today's duct tapes are. Another downside is that it can leave a residue on the paintball gun, or even worse than that, it can take the paint off on some occasions. To hide down strips of cloth, you could use electrical tape. A tiger-stripe uniform can be used in tropical or jungle environments, along with woodland, but it is less effective. If you haven't heard of MultiCam, it can be used efficiently in desert, woodland and urban environments. MARPAT is offered in two configurations: Desert and Woodland. For winter areas, choose straight white colors. BDU is a brown, black and green uniform that can be used in wooden areas, while ACU is the current green and tan digi camo uniform that the United States Army uses. Lastly, CADPAT can be efficiently used in environments that feature coniferous trees. Needless to say that for a sandy area you should pick out desert camo.
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