Quick tear of high-temperature adhesive tape method

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
Is a kind of high temperature tape can be used in high temperature environment to use adhesive tape, the heat resistance performance is in commonly 120 to 260 degrees. And in the process of using high temperature adhesive tape, I believe you will sometimes because accidentally glued wrong or other reasons, need to tear up the high temperature tape, and then to paste. But, when torn off high temperature adhesive tape, the feeling is very hard to tear, and always will remain. Actually, high temperature adhesive tape is not hard to tear, need to master certain method can quickly torn off.

fast tear method:

1, alcohol can be cloth with alcohol and then put the high temperature tape completely wetted area, wait for a while, and then slowly use cloth with alcohol from the edge of the high temperature tape to middle to wipe, slowly until all clear. 2, vinegar,

touch with dry dishcloth take white vinegar or vinegar, completely cover the part of the high temperature tape, so that it is completely soaked. Dipping 15 - Twenty minutes later, with dishcloth along the high temperature tape edge gradually erased, with water soak for a while.

3, cooking oil,

where there is high temperature adhesive tape with cooking oil evenly daub, then after 3 ~ 5 minutes, reoccupy hand directly off the edge of the high temperature tape tearing up slowly, such not only can be torn off the high temperature tape, and do not leave a mark.

4, lemon juice can be squeezed lemon juice on with high temperature tape, then knead, it can effectively remove the imprinting. Of course, this kind of method is suitable for removing stuck to the hands of the high temperature tape, and this method will not cause any injury to skin.

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